Code Requirements for Commissioning

Many utilities and building organizations have provided incentives for commissioning as reports of monetary savings, energy savings, and Owner satisfaction due to commissioning have been published. In addition, some code jurisdictions are beginning to require commissioning of energy-related systems and equipment.

The 2009 Washington State Energy Code requires commissioning of HVAC, lighting control, and domestic hot water systems, and issuance of the building Temporary Certificate of Occupancy is contingent upon the submittal of the preliminary draft Final Commissioning Report. Utility incentives, such as Puget Sound Energy’s “New Construction Commissioning Grant”, offer reward for additional energy-related commissioning activities, such as building envelope testing and energy sub-metering verification.

Our commissioning activities also count toward the U.S. Green Building Council LEED rating system, providing recognition of “sustainable construction” aspects of a construction project. All projects attempting LEED certification must fulfill the requirements of credit EAp1; Fundamental Commissioning of Building Energy Systems. There is also an additional credit, EAc3, which requires Commissioning Authority involvement during the design phase, as well as post-occupancy.