Our Approach

To help prolong the life of building systems and to create the best environment for the occupant, we provide quality assurance to uncover deficiencies in design, construction, installation, programming and operation with our thorough approach.


Design reviews

We conduct very rigorous review of design documentation, including the full MEP set and architectural components that may have an effect on the MEP design. Owners, Ed Jones and Cindy Wilson, both have MEP design backgrounds which gives us great insight into the "why's" and "how's" of MEP design concepts. We put a lot of emphasis on the design review process because it is least costly to fix something during the design process and more costly to fix something the further along it gets in construction.


We witness all startup of equipment that includes integral controls to ensure the equipment is set up properly to work within the bigger system that is being installed.

Functional Performance Testing

We do comprehensive equipment testing with batch testing, testing every piece of equipment, but concentrating on the aspects that have the most direct impact on the people who use the space. This is more cost effective and we have discovered that this increases occupant and owner satisfaction. 


We take a very active part in the training process. We put together a training plan, including a calendar, training session agendas, and work with the contractors and vendors to get appropriate instructors. 

technical expertise and troubleshooting

One of our strengths as a company is our ability to help troubleshoot. With our backgrounds in design, TAB, controls and our experience in this business, we've developed a thorough understanding of the equipment and controls so we can successfully solve issues and offer solid advice.