Ed Jones is extremely qualified, and has an uncanny ability to solve the toughest commissioning issues.
Cindy Wilson is very organized, prompt, and has a way about getting to the crux of a problem and then offering solid advice.
I have been working with Wilson Jones for almost a decade and they have consistently exceeded our expectations.
— Scott Osterhage, Project Manager, Seattle Children's Hospital
Their commissioning products and knowledge are outstanding. They work efficiently with both the owner’s representatives and the contractors to coordinate commissioning & training activities. Their thorough understanding of the equipment and controls was instrumental in finding and resolving issues.
— Brian Rich, Project Engineer, Berschauer Philips Construction Company

They developed and maintained good working relationships with the entire construction group. They worked effectively with each stakeholder - Owner, Occupant, Contractor, Architect/Engineer - facilitating a practical understanding of the equipment and control systems.
Their communication and reporting was clear and concise. When issues or problems arose, they acted quickly to define the problem, research solutions and then verify solution implementation.
Wilson Jones schedule coordination was top-notch. Always cognizant of the nature of the facility, they commissioned and performed tested various system components of equipment, whenever possible, to reduce impact to existing building operations and users.
Their proactive deficiency tracking, repeated follow-up communicating and thorough back-checking of deficiency correction status protected the project’s timeline and assured contractor quality control.
— Jeff Angeley, Senior Construction Manager, Capital Projects Office, University of Washington

Wilson Jones assisted the design engineers and in many cases improved or corrected potential mechanical, electrical or controls problems...Just like our own experience, other projects will benefit greatly from their knowledge, skill and approach to commissioning
— Joel Matulys, Senior Project Manager, Capital Projects Office, University of Washington
Their knowledge, procedures for testing/commissioning and repeated success have a proven track record...I often encounter researchers with follow on projects that specifically request Wilson Jones on the design team. No other consulting firm I have worked with have this level of request and I consider it the highest level of compliment
— Troy Stahlecker, Senior Project Manager, Capital Projects Office, University of Washington
This commissioning industry is always changing with new innovative technologies and I am always impressed with the adaptability and thorough understanding that Wilson Jones has. On the flip side, we have worked together in buildings that have old technologies, like pneumatic controls, pneumatic valves, and other systems, and Wilson Jones has a clear understanding of the operations, details, and even tips and tricks for better operation.
— Dylan Rhys, Owner, Ecotone Commisioning Group, LLC
Not only does Wilson Jones understand the complex interface of the technical systems, but understands the owner’s needs and expectations.
— Tom Balbo, Vice President, Ferguson Construction