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Evergreen Hospital

kitchen Remodel, Seattle, WA

building total area

20,000 SF

completion date

May, 2014

total construction cost



Evergreen Healthcare

a/e team

Collins Woerman – Frank Tran

Notkin – Darren Schwend

Sparling – Derek Holdt

construction team

Andersen – JJ Jordan


PCEC Pacific Coast Electrical Co




project description

New kitchen and servery on the 1st floor of the Silver building. All new kitchen equipment. Existing Green Kitchen remodeled into conference rooms, which are included in the project scope. 

services provided

CxA. Cx meetings, startup oversight, scheduling, duct leak testing, functional testing.

systems tested

Kitchen Hoods, Makeup Air, General Exhaust, Tie in to existing EF and TAHU-1 with a large focus on TAB. Kitchen glycol refrigeration system. Lighting Controls. Fire alarm system. Emergency power systems.