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Evergreen Healthcare

NW Center for Reproductive Sciences, Kirkland, WA

building total area

1,500 SF

completion date


total construction cost



Evergreen Healthcare

a/e team

KMD Architects

Coffman Mechanical Engineers

Sparling Electrical Engineers

construction team

Saxas General Contractors

WA Botting Mechanical Contractors

EHS Electrical Contractors

Siemens Controls Contractors


project description

The NW Center for Reproductive Sciences is an In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) clinic located in the Evergreen Healthcare Surgery Center building in Kirkland, WA. The clinic and central laboratory suite are state-of-the art for IVF technology. Special attention was given to the laboratory environment, which created a “biological clean room” that limits environmental exposure to airborne elements that are potentially harmful to the fertilization process.

services provided

WJC provided comprehensive Commissioning services. WJC provided design review, installation audits including regular site visits to oversee architectural / construction methods relating to air tightness, oversight of mechanical startup activities, and development/performing of commissioning functional performance testing.

systems tested

DDC control system, 1 laboratory suite central air handling units including humidification, carbon filtration, and VOC filtration, 3 air terminal units with hot water reheat, and TAB verification.