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Evergreen Healthcare

Emergency Department Expansion and Patient Tower,      Kirkland, WA

building total area

570,000 SF

completion date


total construction cost



Evergreen Hospital Medical Center

a/e team

Mahlum Architects

Notkin Engineers

Sparling Electrical Engineers

construction team

Turner Construction CM

Aldrich General – Shell & Core

Howard S. Wright – TI

Hermanson Mechanical

Siemens Controls


project description

This project included the expansion of the existing emergency department for the Evergreen Healthcare campus as well as the addition of a new eight- story inpatient facility tower and underground parking.

services provided

WJC provided commissioning. This service included submittal review, commissioning installation audits, start up oversight, writing and execution of the functional performance tests, O&M documentation review, and Owner training oversight. WJC was also hired to be the “Smoke Management System Special Testing Agency” for the engineered high rise-smoke control system incorporated into the building.

systems tested

DDC controls system, 2 fire-tube steam boiler plants, 2 steam pressure reducing stations, 2 steam condensate pump/receiver skids, 2 heating hot water converters, 4 heating hot water distribution pumps, 3 water cooled chiller plants and cooling towers, 3 chilled water distribution pumps, 5 air handling units, 210 air terminal units, 54 hospital room pressurization control zones, 3 general exhaust fan systems, 1 chiller room ventilation/emergency purge systems, 1 boiler room combustion air systems, 1 active smoke control system – floor sandwich and patient bed “protect-in-place systems as well as stairwell and elevator pressurization, miscellaneous exhaust fans, emergency generators, and underground fuel tank and distribution system.