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Harborview Medical Center

Inpatient Expansion Building, Seattle, WA

building total area

240,000 SF

completion date


total construction cost



Harborview Medical Center

a/e team

NBBJ Architects

Coffman Mechanical Engineers

Sparling Electrical Engineers

construction team

Turner General Contractors


project description

This project consisted of the building of an 11-story high rise inpatient building located on the existing Harborview Medical Center (HMC) campus. The new building houses a new ICU, patient bed floors, central sterile, surgery suites, and clinics. The new building connects to the existing East hospital wing through a 6-story skybridge, housing offices and sleeping quarters.

services provided

WJC provided full building commissioning services including architectural, mechanical, and electrical systems commissioning. WJC provided design review, developed commissioning specifications, basis of design documentation, commissioning installation audits, startup oversight, commissioning functional performance procedures and testing, O&M documentation review, Owner training oversight, and general commissioning oversight for the project.

systems tested

Building envelope (IR testing), pneumatic tube system, fire alarm, fire sprinklers, shaft pressurization systems, active smoke control system, DDC control system, high pressure (100 psig) steam system, medium pressure (60 psig) steam system, low pressure (15 psig) steam system, 2 condensate pumps, 30 steam traps, 4 steam to heating hot water converters, 4 heating hot water distribution pumps, run-around loop heat recovery system including 2 heat recovery pumps, auxiliary condenser water system including 4 distribution pumps and 3 plate/frame heat exchangers, central chiller plant including 4 chillers, 2 cooling towers, and 10 distribution pumps, 6 central supply air handling units, 6 central general exhaust air handling units, 2 isolation room exhaust fans, 1 chiller room ventilation and emergency purge fan system, 5 miscellaneous exhaust fans, 4 air conditioning units, 400 air terminal units including supply/exhaust tracking controls, 4 stairwell pressurization fans, 6 elevator shaft pressurization fans, 1 active smoke control system, 1 domestic water booster skid, 2 15,000 gal. underground fuel oil storage tanks and control system, 33 reduced pressure backflow preventers, 6 steam-fired domestic hot water heaters, 2 medical air compressors, 2 medical vacuum pumps, 1 building air compressor, 1 DI pure water skid system, 4 emergency generators, oversight of 3rd party normal electrical power testing, oversight of electrical contractor startup testing, internal re-radiating system, nurse call system, and access control system.