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Research and Training Facility, Seattle, WA

building total area

180,000 SF

completion date


total construction cost



Harborview Medical Center

a/e team

MBT Architects

Gaynor Engineers Mechanical Engineers

Sparling Electrical Engineers

construction team

Sellen Construction Gen. Contractor

University Mechanical Contractor

Aztech Electrical Contractor

Siemens DDC Control Contractor


project description

This building was a joint venture between Harborview Medical Center and the University of Washington. The functional spaces include five laboratory floors, a vivarium floor with interstitial, a classroom/training floor, a 150-seat auditorium, and an imaging center. The building incorporates many technically complex mechanical and electrical systems to support these functional spaces. Laboratories are designed to be flexible in order to adjust to changing research requirements.

services provided

Originally sub-contracted by the Commissioning Agent (Engineering Economics Inc.) for commissioning agent services, Wilson Jones Commissioning eventually took over the Test Engineering role also. WJCx provided a commissioning plan, performed design reviews, wrote/executed functional performance tests, coordinated all mechanical and electrical testing, and actively participated in the resolution of mechanical system operational problems.

systems tested

DDC control system, high pressure (100 psig) steam system, 2 variable-speed comfort conditioning chillers (250 tons each), 5 process chillers, 1 laboratory, built-up air handling unit system (100,000 cfm), laboratory general exhaust air handling unit system, variable air volume laboratory fume exhaust system, run-around loop heat recovery system, 5 Class II B2 biosafety exhaust systems, BL-3 laboratory suite HVAC system, vivarium supply and exhaust air systems, auditorium air handling unit, 400 air terminal units, electrical vault ventilation system, Group H Occupancy space hazardous ventilation system, 15 exhaust fans, chiller room refrigerant detection and emergency purge system, 2 air curtains, 4 steam unit heaters, 6 split-system air conditioning units, 3 sump pumps, 4 laboratory steam hot water heaters, 2 domestic steam hot water heaters, plumbing fixtures, trap primer systems, reduced pressure backflow preventers, emergency showers, emergency eye washes, heat tracing systems, Edstrom animal drinking water/monitoring system, lab gas manifolds, RO/DI pure water system, clock system, door access control system, TAB verification, and HVAC systems/Fire Alarm System interfaces including fan shutdown, Fireman's Control Panel, fire/smoke dampers, and elevator and stair pressurization systems.