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University of Washington

Lander Hall Replacement, Seattle, WA

building total area

220,000 SF

completion date

August 2014


University of Washington

a/e team


construction team

Walsh Construction

Steve Folk, UW Construction Mgr


Project Description

The new Lander Hall residential hall is an eight-story building, including five stories of housing consisting of 2 bedroom private bathroom suites. The lower two floors house the regional desk, mail boxes for the west campus housing community, commercial kitchen, dining areas, and loading dock. A below grade loading dock with an entrance off of Lincoln Way support building service functions, parking. The new Lander Hall total approximately 220,000 square feet with 650 beds. 

Services Provided

WJCx was retained to provide design phase commissioning authority.  Specifically included were the following commissioning services: DD and CD phase reviews, review of basis of design documents, preparation of an early outline of commissioning specification, and preparation and review of Owner Project Requirement documents to ensure the best operating systems possible.  

Systems Tested

Chilled Water System, Boiler Heating Hot Water System, Heat Recovery (Condenser Water) Heat Exchangers and Pumping including Heating/Cooling Staging, Air Handling Units, Water to Water Heat Pumps including Interface To Heat Recovery and Domestic Hot Water, Water to Air Heat Pumps, Air to Air Rooftop Heat Pumps, Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems, Type I Grease Hoods and Exhaust/Makeup Air Fan Systems, Type II Kitchen Exhaust Fan Systems, Chiller Refrigerant Monitoring and Purge Exhaust Fan System, Loading Dock/Garage CO2 Exhaust Fan Ventilation System, Supply and Exhaust Fan Systems, Air Terminal Units, A/C Units, Fan Coil Units, Electric Heaters, HVAC Water Treatment and Water Quality Maintenance Systems/Testing, Stairwell Fan Pressurization Systems, Interfaces to Fire Alarm Systems and Emergency Power Systems, TAB back-checking of Preliminary TAB Report (10% sampling), Verification of Metering Calibration and Interface to Dashboard(s), Trending of All DDC Analog Loops.