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Everett Naval Station

P-155 Bachelor Enlisted Quarters, Everett, WA

building total area

164,000 SF

completion date


total construction cost



United States Navy

a/e team

Belay Architecture

construction team

Hoffman General

University Mechanical

VECA Electrical

Siemens Controls



project description

This project involved the construction of a new, 128 apartment complex to serve as a Bachelor’s Enlisted Quarters on the Everett Naval Station. The project provides “market-style” high end housing for sailors in port. The construction also places a high emphasis on sustainability and green building, achieving a LEED gold level certification.

services provided

WJC provided LEED commissioning Authority services including design review, execution of the commissioning installation audits, development and execution of the startup oversight plan, development and continuous update of the commissioning schedule, developed/execution of the commissioning functional performance testing, review of the mechanical and electrical O&M documentation review, development of the re-commissioning systems manual, oversight of the Owner training, preparation/upkeep/tracking of the commissioning issues matrix, development of the Commissioning Final Report, and execution of a near-end of warranty site re-visit.

systems tested

1 waste chute, 1 fire alarm system, egress lighting fixtures and signage, 1 air-cooled chiller, 4 chilled water distribution pumps, 2 heating hot water fire-tube boilers, 4 heating hot water distribution pumps, 3 make up air/ heat recovery air handling units, 1 air handling unit with 100% outside air economizer, 3 miscellaneous exhaust fans, 5 unit heaters, 144 4-pipe hydronic fan coil units, 8 variable volume fan-powered air terminal units, building emergency ventilation shutdown system, variable frequency drives, building automation system, 2 domestic hot water systems with recirculation pumps, and trap primer systems.