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Shorewood High School

Shoreline, WA

building total area

230,999 SF New

11,348 SF Mod

completion date

Occupancy 2013

total construction cost



Shoreline School District

a/e team

Bassetti Architects

Lorne McConachie

construction team

Bassetti Architects

Wood Harbinger

Sparling (Acoustical)

Shoreline Public Schools, Facilities Department


project description

The new high school includes a new, 3-story building that incorporates 3 classroom wings to the west, a commons area in the center, and gymnasium/shop/band/auditorium areas to the east.  The programming for the new facility includes performing arts, admin, library, physical education, counseling/careers, health, art, special ed, general classrooms, science classrooms, gymnasium, auditorium, kitchen, and common spaces.  The original school building, the “Ronald Building” will be renovated as well but will keep the original historical façade.   Future phases of the construction will include the demolishment of the existing Shorewood High School.  In its place, new sports fields will be built, including a new football/soccer/track, baseball and softball fields, and tennis courts. 

services provided

WJCx provided oversight and quantitative functional testing of the mechanical and electrical systems in order to provide assurance that the contractor’s quality control efforts are being carried out. WJCx developed the framework for the Cx process and provided a Systems Manual document.  The Cx design, equipment submittals, and O&Ms were reviewed. Installation audits, startup plans/forms/schedules, functional performance tests (FPT’s), and Owner training sessions were developed and attended.  Detailed Cx meeting minutes, progress reports, and issue logs were produced.   A Final Cx Report, in compliance with Wash State Energy Code, and system recommendations will be produced. 

systems tested

Piping Systems: Piping Distribution Systems (Domestic and Lab Hot/Cold and Recirculation, Sanitary and Acid Resistant Waste and Vent, Compressed Air, and Natural Gas), Water Service Cross Connection and Entrance Pressure Boosting Pump Skids. Domestic and Lab HWH Equipment and Systems, Emergency Eyewash and Shower, Trap Primers, Grease Interceptor, Domestic and Lab Hot Water Recirculation TAB, Interfaces to Emergency Power Systems and Power Restoration after Loss. HVAC Systems: Piping Distribution Systems (Heating HW, Radiant Floor, Refrigerant), Ductwork Distribution Systems, HW Boilers and Pumping Systems, HVAC Water Treatment Systems, Air Handling /Heat Recovery Unit Systems, Unit Ventilators/Fan Coil Units, Exhaust Fan Systems, Split System A/C Units, Unit Heaters, Room Level HVAC Air Terminal Units, Exterior Lighting Controls, Direct Digital Controls (DDC), Interfaces to Fire Alarm Systems and Emergency Power Systems.  Electrical Power Systems: Lighting Control Systems, Dimming Control System and Lamp Burn-In, Emergency Systems (Generator and Auto Transfer Switches), Static Uninterruptible Power Supply, Building Power Loss, Emergency Power Operation, and Recovery to Normal.  Electronic Safety and Security Systems: Intrusion Detection and Security Systems Video Surveillance, Digital Addressable Fire Alarm System, Fire Alarm Interfaces (Emergency Power Operation, BAS, Security).