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University of Washington

Nano Engineering and Sciences Building, Seattle, WA

building total area

78,000 GSF

completion date

September, 2016

total construction cost



University of Washington

a/e team

ZGF Architects

Affiliated Engineers Inc. – ME/EE

construction team

Hoffman Construction Company – GC

Holaday Parks – ME

Valley Electric - EC

Siemans - CC



project description

The University of Washington is constructing Phase 2 of the Molecular Engineering & Sciences Building. This facility is an addition to the existing Molecular Engineering Building and as such will share in the use of existing facilities. These include elevators, egress stairs, loading docks and restrooms. The proposal is to use the previously approved Phase 2 design and site location to construct a warm shell building and complete the build-out of 13,000 assignable square feet (asf) on levels G and 2. The first floor (12,000 gross square feet) will be completely built out and will consist of general use classrooms and a community space. The balance of the shell space will be available to provide build-out space for future College of Engineering vibration and EMI sensitive programs.

services provided

Wilson Jones Commissioning was retained to provide design, construction and acceptance/closeout phase commissioning authority services. Services include reviewing the Owner design narrative, OPR, DD and CD, and providing integrated commissioning specifications for inclusion into the construction bid documents.  WJCx worked collaboratively with the Owner, GC/CM, MC/EC and design team to develop a commissioning plan and commissioning schedule to keep the team up to date on goals and responsibilities. WJCx workrf with the contractors test engineer to create System Manuals and Functional Performance Tests to ensure systems are operating properly and system function is well documented. At the end of the project, LEED documentation for the fundamental and enhanced commissioning credits was completed and submitted.

systems tested

Domestic Hot Water System, Emergency Eyewash and Showers, Trap Primers, Lab Water Systems, Compressed Air Systems, Heating Hot Water System, Process Hot Water System, Heat Recovery System, Chilled Water System (Air-Cooled and Water-Cooled Chillers and Pumps), Chilled Beams (Active and Passive), Radiant Floor System, Steam Loop and Connected Equipment, Steam Generators/Humidifiers, Condensate Pumping system, Air Handling Units, Supply and Exhaust Fans, Wind Powered Ventilators, Reheat terminal units, Electric Heaters, HVAC Water Treatment Systems, Electronic Controls System, Testing, Adjusting and Balancing backcheck (10%), Interfaces to fire alarm and emergency power, Lighting Controls and Switching Receptacles.