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University of Washington

Asbury Laboratory, Seattle, WA

building total area

800 SF

completion date


total construction cost



University of Washington

a/e team


construction team



project description

Asbury Laboratory is a critical temperature laboratory environment whose purpose is to study the faint energy levels of microbiological entities. As such, it is critical to maintain the measuring surfaces within the lab free of ambient energy fluctuation. Such as, vibration, air traps from HVAC and temperature variations. This requires a very sophisticated HVAC system to minimize these ambient energy disruptions.

services provided

When Wilson Jones Commissioning was first contacted regarding this project, the laboratory had been in operation for approximately one year, Although the project had been commissioned when first built, the first commissioning report indicated that the HVAC systems would only maintain the room temperature for a short period of time before drifting out of range. During this time period the existing HVAC were unable to maintain the required environmental conditions. Wilson Jones Consulting was hired by the owner to provide re-commissioning of the existing HVAC system to determine which part of the system was working and which parts needed improvement. Responsibilities included review of existing design documents, field survey of equipment installation & operation; re-design of the HVAC equipment and follow-up commissioning to verify system performance.

systems tested

Single zone DX cooling air handling units with SCR controlled variable electric heating coil and room temperature controls.