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University of Washington

W.H. Foege Building, Seattle, WA

building total area

265,000 SF

completion date


total construction cost



University of Washington

a/e team

Anshen + Allen LA

Notkin Mechanical Engineers

Sparling Electrical Engineers

construction team

Hoffman General Contractors

WA Botting Mechanical Contractors

University Mechanical Contractors

Valley Electrical Contractors

Siemens Controls Contractors


project description

This project consisted of the construction for two new life science buildings on the south campus of the University of Washington. One building is dedicated to Bioengineering and the other building is dedicated to Genome Sciences. Programming includes classrooms, faculty offices, café, auditorium, research laboratories, and a vivarium. The buildings support research and academic curriculum relating to engineered biomaterials, molecular bioengineering, medical imaging and energy therapy, and computational bioengineering.

services provided

WJCx provided enhanced Commissioning Authority services. WJCx provided design review, limited submittal review, commissioning installation audits, startup oversight, assistance in writing the commissioning functional performance testing, O&M documentation review, Owner training oversight, and general commissioning oversight for this project. WJCx partnered with Donnally Associates to provide Electrical Power commissioning authority services.

systems tested

DDC control system, high pressure (185) psig steam system, medium pressure (60 psig) steam system, low pressure (15 psig) steam system, 5 condensate pumps, 40 steam traps, 4 steam to heating hot water convertors, 12 heating hot water distribution pumps, run-around loop heat recovery system including 5 heat recovery pumps, 3 water-cooled centrifugal chillers, 7 chilled water pumps, 3 condenser water pumps, 1 air-cooled screw chiller, 1 open crossflow cooling tower, 1 cooling tower chemical treatment system, 9 central air handling units, 45 exhaust fans, 1 chiller room refrigerant monitoring and emergency purge controls, 9 unit heaters, 3 HEPA filter biological clean rooms, 1 vivarium micro-isolator, 181 air terminal units, 607 air valves, 1 underground fuel oil storage tank and control system, 7 reduced pressure backflow preventers, 2 domestic hot water systems, 3 laboratory hot water systems, 1 tempered water system, 1 laboratory pure water system, 1 lab natural gas system, 1 laboratory compressed air system, 1 lab vacuum system, 3 CO2 gas manifolds, 1 animal drinking water system, 1 Edstrom vivarium environmental monitoring system, oversight of third party normal electrical power testing, oversight of electrical contractor startup testing, 3 emergency power automatic transfer switches, 1 emergency generator system, emergency lighting/signage, lighting control systems, and HVAC/Fire Alarm Panel interfaces.