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University of Washington

Chilled Water Study, Seattle, WA

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University of Washington

a/e team

Affiliated Engineers, Inc.

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project description

The existing University of Washington central chilled water plant, located on the Seattle campus, provides 11,000 tons of capacity for comfort cooling. The plant distributes the chilled water to most of the buildings on campus through an eight mile network of underground utility tunnels. The University commissioned a study of their existing system to determine if there was enough capacity to meet future development on campus and also to study any energy conservation measures.

services provided

A joint venture between EEI and WJC, as the WBE Company, WJC provided Test Engineer Services. WJC performed design review, wrote/executed 95% of the functional performance tests, assisted in the Owner’s Engineering personnel training, conducted the weekly meetings, and actively participated in the identification and solution to many complex mechanical system deficiencies. WJC utilized statistical sample testing (30%) and DDC trending to verify system performance where large quantities were involved, substantially reducing overall commissioning costs to the Owner.

systems tested

WJCx, working for the design engineer, Affiliated Engineers, surveyed the entire chilled water distribution system and updated the University’s As-Built drawings to reflect current conditions. WJCx also aided in the development of a software model of the campus chilled water piping distribution system. This model was used to calculate the future capacity of the distribution system and locate the areas of piping that would require future upgrades.