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University of Washington

Dental Services Building for Early Childhood Oral Health, Seattle, WA

building total area

28,000 SF

completion date


total construction cost



University of Washington

Washington Dental Services

Children’s Hospital

a/e team

ARC Architects

CDML/Enersolv Engineers

construction team

Bayley Construction

Holaday Parks- Mechanical

Valley - Electrical


project description

This project was a substantial renovation of building 25 of Magnuson Park.  The remodel houses clinical services for the University Of Washington School Of Dentistry- Pediatric Dental Program which anticipated serving 30,000 patients in the first year of operation.  The facility is equipped with 31 dental exam chairs and three operating rooms.  The historical building consists of a basement, two floor levels, and a smaller 3rd floor area which houses offices and administrative areas.  Although the building is outfitted with state-of-the-art mechanical and electrical systems, careful attention has been taken to preserve the historical integrity of the exterior appearance of the building.

services provided

WJCx was contracted under the General Contractor, Bayley Construction, to provide Test Engineering services.  WJCx provided mechanical systems startup oversight and commissioning oversight for this project.

systems tested

Piping Distribution System, Domestic Hot Water Heater Equipment and Systems, Medical Vacuum Equipment and Systems, Trap Primers, Medical Air Equipment and Systems, Ductwork Distribution Systems, VRF System, 3 Air Handling Units with integral heat pipe recovery and natural gas-fired furnaces, 58 manifolded  refrigerant heat recovery fan coil units Exhaust Fans, Supply Fans, Air Conditioning Units, 8 electric wall-mounted heaters, Building Automation System, Interfaces to Fire Alarm Systems, LV Lighting Relay Control Panels, Occupancy Sensors, Photocell Sensors, LV Light Switches, Building Power Loss, and Emergency Power.