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University of Washington

Medical Center 2NN Hybrid Cardio Vascular Operating Room, Seattle, WA

building total area

220,000 SF

completion date

Janurary 2014

total construction cost



University of Washington

a/e team

NBBJ Architects

construction team

Lease Crutcher Lewis



project description

This project was to construct a Hybrid Cardio Vascular Operating Room (HCVOR) in the Cardiac Procedures area on the second floor of the UW Medical Center. The intent of the project was to provide a new OR that will combine the angiography system for procedures typically provided in a Cardiac Catheterization Lab with the surgical functions of an OR. This new room is capable of cutting edge, minimally invasive, cardiac procedures that allow collaboration between surgeons and interventional cardiologists to collaborate on procedures that have traditionally been done with open surgery. The work includes demolition of the existing spaces on the first and second floors and installation of a new Air Handling Unit. The project included relocation of existing services to create space to construct the new HCVOR and the code and facility required support spaces necessary to support the new function. 

services provided

WJCx was retained to provide construction phase commissioning authority services.  Specifically included were the following commissioning services writing and conducting functional performance testing for the HVAC systems. 

systems tested

Mechanical systems tested included the new Air Handling unit, which utilized existing steam and chilled water systems, terminal units, heating coils, fan coil units, and space pressurization.