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University of Washington

MRI-3T Installation, Seattle, WA

building total area

2000 SF (Project Area)

completion date


total construction cost



University of Washington

a/e team

CDI-Mechanical Engineer

construction team

Auburn Mechanical- Mech. Contractor


project description

The project involved the renovation of the existing MRI suite within the 2nd floor RR wing of University of Washington Medical Center. The existing MRI machine was replaced and the supporting patient prep areas, MRI control room and manager’s offices were remodeled. The new 3T MRI machine is a much more powerful replacement with the ability for greater imaging resolution and penetration.  A domestic cold water back up system was installed to automatically switch MRI cooling water from chilled water to domestic cold water when it was determined that chilled water was not available for cooling.

services provided

WJC provided commissioning services, basis of design review services, commissioning installation audits, start up oversight, commissioning functional performance testing, consulted minimal energy use systems, O&M documentation review and owner training oversight.  WJC provided the critical coordination between the various subcontractors to ensure that the interfaces between different systems operated correctly as well as clarifying the operational intent for the contractors.

systems tested

Chilled water system with back-up domestic cold water, (2) fan coil units, (1) computer room air conditioning system, (5) electric and hydronic heating coils, (2) exhaust fans, oxygen monitoring system, and interfaces to the MRI suite clean agent fire suppression system as well as MRI .